Supreme X NRN Nano Face Mask, Fashion Nano-Tech Face Mask

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Nano-tech are gradually used for face mask applications in the world. Our Supreme face mask is a mask based on nanotechnology which is protective, super lightweight, breathable and reusable. Our Supreme X NRN Nano-tech face mask is not only a protective face mask, but also a fashion and trendy face mask.

There are 2 options for you to choose: 3 pieces white Supreme nano face mask and 1 piece black supreme nono face mask.

  • Supreme X NRN Co-Branded:Our nano-tech face masks are co-branded by fashion brand Supreme and NRN.
  • Nano Tech:Nano-filtration technology is the core of our Supreme face mask. The nano-tech face mask can filter out 100-nanometer particles, which is the size of several viruses. It's also water-resistant and has a 94% filtration efficiency in 20 repeated bactericidal tests.
  • Breathable:This Supreme face mask is very light, thin and breathable, which can help block pathogens while remaining fresh. It can enhance the comfort factor and help people to wear face masks for a more extended period of time.
  • Reusable:This Supreme nano face mask can be reused for seven days. Reusable nano-tech face mask would be an economical option for daily usage than disposable masks.
  • Disinfection Methods:There are 2 disinfection methods:

    1. Alcohol Spray: Spray 3ml of 75% medical alcohol inside and outside for disinfection. After drying, it can be used again. Do not rub strongly, but wipe gently.

    2. Water Wash: Soak in water at about 80 degrees for 5 minutes, take it out, and dry it before use.

  • Ear Loops:Supreme face mask has super soft and stretchy ear loops that is comfortable to wear all day.
  • Package:White Supreme Face Mask-3 pieces/bag, Black Supreme Face Mask-1 piece/bag.

Fashion is an attitude. Supreme X NRN Nano Face Mask let you lead the trend even if you cover your face!

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