Cafe Mimi Duck Accessories, 25+ Lovely Hats and Headbands for Lalafanfan Cafe Mimi Duck

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Fanfanchu Accessories
  • Grey Rabbit Ear Knit Hat
  • Pink Rabbit Ear Knit Hat
  • Black Knit Hat
  • Red Big Eyes Knit Hat
  • Two Furry Balls Knit Hat
  • Blue Big Eyes Headband
  • Pink Big Eyes Headband
  • Grey Big Eyes Knit Hat
  • Happy Birthday Hat
  • Pink Cool Enough Headband
  • Grey Cool Enough Headband
  • Works Hat
  • I Love PaPa Hat
  • Yellow Duck Headband
  • White Love HeadBand
  • Red Headband
  • White Rabbit Ear Headband
  • Pink Striped Bucket Hat
  • Black Beret Hat
  • Pink Rabbit Headband
  • Grey Rabbit Ear Headband
  • Denim Bucket Hat
  • Red P.PAW Hat
  • Black P.PAW Hat
  • Blue P.PAW Hat
  • Mickey Mouse Knitted Hat
  • Red Cherry Bucket hat
  • Yellow Cherry Bucket hat
  • Blue Cherry Bucket hat
  • White Carrot Headband
  • Grey Carrot Headband
  • Pink Carrot Headband
  • Yellow Sun Hat
  • Blue Sun Hat
  • Pink Bucket Hat
  • White Baby Hat
  • Red Christmas Hat
  • Frog Kint Hat
  • Double Balls Knit Hat
  • Unicorn Headband
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We provide super nice cafe mimi accessories including: You can use this code KITXYPMW to get 10% off if you buy five or more across them, enjoy shopping!

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Did you have too much fun with cafe mimi duck plush? 

There are more than 30 hats and headbands for dressing up your 30cm cafe mimi duck plush. If you also need a cute outfit for lalafanfan duck plush, please scroll down to the related products, you will find tons of lovely clothes, glasses and bags for cafe mimi duck.

Let's customize the cafe mimi duck from head to toe and take a picture to show off your unique and adorable cafe mimi duck!

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Fanfanchuu Hats
You can't imagine how much fun to dress my cafe mimi plush!
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