Kids Face Masks

Kids face masks are small in size in order to fit kids' small faces. Unlike face masks for adults, children's faces vary greatly in size from different age groups. 

Therefore, finding the right size of masks for your kids is very important. At Modishbuy, we offer multiple sizes kids face masks to fit different ages boys and girls.

Our face masks for kids also have cute and fun design patterns in order to make kids love wearing face masks and you can save the trouble of forcing them to wear. 

All of our kids face masks are made of quality non-women fabric and high-efficiency melt-blown filter material. They can block 95%+ of dust, pollen, droplets, flu, PM2.5, PM10, virus, and other particles larger than 0.3 microns.

We provide kids face masks in 5 different styles, they all can be used for general purpose infection control to protect your kid from covid-19 and other respiratory threats, here is a list of them.

  • Kids Disposable Face Masks (non-medical)
  • Kids KN95 Masks
  • N95 Masks for Kids
  • Kids Surgical Masks
  • Kids Reusable Face Masks

Among them, kids disposable face mask (non-medical) is the most popular type, because it's affordable, cute and protective.

1. Kids disposable face masks (non-medical) - POPULAR
Kids disposable face masks (non-medical) generally have 3 layers which are enough to protect your kids effectively. They are also relatively comfortable to wear and breathable. Most of our kids disposable face masks have cartoons printed and in bright colors, your kids would like to wear them. The prices of kids disposable face masks are also affordable, you can buy a lot of them, your kids would love the idea of wearing a cute face mask every day.
Our kids disposable face masks are perfect kids face masks for school daily wear. If you are looking for a cute and breathable face mask for 4-10 years old kids, 1-3 years old toddlers and 0-1 years old babies, our kids disposable face masks are fully meet your requirements.
2. Kids KN95 Masks
Kids KN95 face mask can filter 95 percent of 0.3 microns particles just like the N95 mask.
Kids KN95 masks are meet Chinese Standard GB2626 KN95 which are almost the same as N95 in the United States and FFP2 in Europe. 
Our KN95 kids masks are generally made of 3 or 4 layers, they are not as breathable as kids disposable face masks, but they are more protective than kids disposable masks and are far easier to get your hands on than N95 kids masks.
When your kids need to go to a high-risk area or crowded place, kids KN95 masks are a reliable choice.

3. N95 Masks for Kids
N95 masks for kids are meet Chinese standard GB19083-2010 for the medical protective masks. In short, it is a KN95 standard medical mask. The GB19083-2010 N95 standard has stricter requirements than GB 2626-2019 KN95 standard.
Our N95 masks for kids are made of 3 layers filters, they were produced under aseptic conditions. The N95 kids masks are more breathable than KN95 kids masks and have the same 95%+ filtration efficiency.
Our N95 masks for kids are designed as PPE for use in medical environments. Therefore, if your kids need to go to a hospital, N95 masks for kids are a wonderful idea.
4. Kids Surgical Masks
Kids surgical masks are also known as pediatric face masks or kids medical masks. They are made under the medical device regulation.
Most of the surgical face masks are only for adults, you can hardly find surgical masks for children. Our kids surgical face masks are designed especially for 3-12 years old kids, which all are sterilized by ethylene oxide. They are real pediatric face mask even can be used in the medical area. BFE≥95%.
It's safer and healthier than a normal kids disposable face mask.
5. Kids Reusable Face Masks
Our kids reusable face masks are washable and reusable. Although kids cloth face masks don't have the melt-blown layer, they can still help prevent people from inhaling & spreading respiratory droplets. Some kids reusable face masks are also equipped with KN95 filters in case your kids need to go to a high-risk area. 
If you are an environmentalist and think that kids disposable masks are not environmentally friendly and will cause a waste of resources. Our kids reusable face masks are a good choice for you.
It is key that the face masks properly fit your kid's face.  Find more cute and protective child-size face masks on!

A brief introduction of all our face masks for kids Where to Buy Kids Disposable Face Masks

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