Nano-Tech Face Mask for Kids, Stylish Nano Tech KN95 Face Mask 5 Pack

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Face Mask Model
  • Cool
  • Travel

This 3 layers nanotech face mask for kids features the new generation nanotech filtration to block fine particles in the air, 72 hours long-lasting protection, super breathable and lightweight, comfy and effective, stylish and adorable.

  • Nano-technology: Our disposable children's mask uses a new nano-film microporous filtration technology. It can freely discharge sweat and water vapor, and effectively isolate ultrafine particles, dust and other fine external harmful substances.
  • Stylish Patterns: This nano-tech face mask is co-branded with the original caricature "WU HUANG", it's trendy, adorable and stylish. Your kids will love this fashionable face mask.
  • 3 Layers Filtration: This nano-tech face mask for kids is made with 3 layer quality fabric. The surface layer is printed spun lace which is eco-friendly and stylish, the inner layer is ES composite fiber which is skin-friendly, and the fine filter layer PTFE nanofilm which can block more than 99% of fine particles such as PM0.1, pollen, virus, and droplets, etc.
  • 72 Hours: Our nanotech face mask is a KN95 grade face mask that can provide 72 hours of long-lasting protection for your kids.
  • Super Breathable: The excellent physical filtration structure of the nanofilm allows air to pass through quickly, and with a thinner mesh cloth, the air permeability is doubled. It also can quickly exhaust the internal heat, even with strenuous exercise, you can keep breathing comfortably.
  • Ear Straps: Super soft and elastic earloop, your kids can wear it for a day without pressure.
  • 2 Models: Cool and Travel
  • Package:5 Packs
  • Size:14.5x6cm
  • For Ages:4-12 years old boys and girls
  • Standard: GB 2626 KN95

It's time to stock up on nanotech face masks for your kids!

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