Pediatric N95 Mask 10 Packs Cute Dinosaur N95 Mask For Kids Online

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With the Delta variant on the rise, kids face masks remain a must-have in schools and for travel. CDC recently updated its guidelines to recommend all students, teachers, staff, and visitors wear face masks in K-12 schools this year, regardless of vaccination status. The new school year underway, face masks for kids are as important as ever

All our N95 masks for kids online are sterilized by ethylene oxide and individually wrapped, which means our pediatric N95 masks are sterile, safe and clean masks.

The best masks for kids are the ones that fit their faces best, your child will be able to wear them when they need them and they are able to remove them without assistance. This cute dinosaur N95 mask for kids online can fit kids ages 4 to 12, and it has a boat-shaped mask to cover kids' noses and chin safely, comfortable earloops that are easy to wear and easy to move, an adjustable concealed nose-bridge to fit different faces. It is crafted from 3-layer medical-grade filtration that is breathable, lightweight, and BFE ≥95%.

If you are looking for a cute and protective N95 mask for kids online, this pediatric N95 mask is definitely your best choice.

Furthermore, this is a cute surgical N95 mask for kids, all pediatric N95 masks are printed with an endearing dinosaur design. If your children are tired of the solid color masks that they wear every day, you might as well try this dinosaur N95 mask. They must be very willing to wear such a cute and stylish N95 mask to school.

  • Dinosaur Prints: The pediatric N95 masks are printed with super adorable original design dinosaurs. Your kids would love to wear this lovely cartoon dinosaur N95 mask. Available in 2 colors. Blue colors are suitable for 4-12 years old boys. Pink colors are suitable for 4-12 years old girls.
  • Boat Shape Design: The dinosaur N95 masks for kids are designed with a 4D boat shape for a more secure fit. It can cover around the nose and chin comfortably and snugly fit, furthermore, it can leave space around the mouth for a less constricted. Boat shape design N95 mask gives your kids a natural feeling to wear.
  • 3-Ply Protection:

    The dinosaur printed pediatric N95 mask is made of 3 layers of high-efficiency filtration.

    1. Outer layer is reactive printing and dyeing spun lace non-woven fabric that can filter out dust, pollen, droplets, etc. large particles.

    2. Middle layer is medical grade low resistance electrostatic melt-blown cloth, BFE ≥95% and PFE ≥95%.

    3. Inner layer is a soft non-woven fabric that is skin-friendly and breathable.

  • Earloops: Super soft and elastic 6mm wide earloops, your kids can wear them for a day without the pressure
  • Concealed Nose Bridge: Concealed nose bridge, adjustable and snug fit for different small faces.
  • Size: 170x65 mm, fit for 4-12 years old kids.
  • Sterilization Method: Ethylene oxide sterilization.
  • Package: 10 pieces per box. Individually Wrapped. Clean to use and easy to carry.
  • Standard:GB19083-2010

Enjoy a healthy life with our pediatric N95 masks!

1. If you use our N95 mask, please note that under normal circumstances, the mask should be replaced every day.

2. In hospitals and wards, please replace your N95 mask every 6-8 hours.

3. If the N95 mask is damaged, wet or dirty, replace the N95 mask immediately.

4. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

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