Toddler Disposable Face Mask 4-ply Age 1-3 CIAO Kids Disposable Masks

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Face Mask Color
  • Badger Baby Royal Blue
  • Fun Paradise Blue
  • Fun Paradise Yellow
  • Fun Paradise Green
  • Happy Childhood Green
  • Colorful Geometry Pink
  • Colorful Geometry Light Pink
  • Colorful Geometry Blue
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Toddler disposable face masks allow for the fun, well-fitting, comfortable, and safe of your beloved little ones to preschool, daycare, nursery school, travel, and outdoor activities.

The toddler disposable face masks are made to fit 1-3 years old boys and girls. It features super cute and stylish bear prints, a well-fitting 3D design, comfortable elastic ear loops, an adjustable wire nose bridge, and breathable and protective filtration material.

Our CIAO kids disposable masks are crafted from 4 layers of filtration:

1. SSS skin-friendly non-woven fabric that is skin-friendly, breathable, and absorbs moisture.

2. Dense meltblown cloth that can filter out PM2.5 and other micron-sized particles.

3. Quality hot air cotton that can Filter dust and other fine particles further.

4. High filtration non-woven fabric that can Block large particles such as droplets and dust.

Our kids disposable face masks meet China GB/T 38880-2020 standard (Technical specification of children masks). This standard applies to children's masks for the protective and hygienic purposes can filter particulates in the air and block germs, pollen, airborne droplets, etc. Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 95%, Particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) ≥ 95%, Respiratory resistance ≤ 30 Pa.

Kids disposable masks are remain a simple but powerful for children who are too young for the vaccine. The CDC recommends using a well-fitting comfortable mask to help slow the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19.

Therefore, our toddler disposable face mask uses high quality kids-friendly material without any fluorescent agent or formaldehyde to care for toddlers delicate face. The 3D well-fitting design face cover with adjustable wire nose bridge to provide a snuggly fit and enough space to breathe. The soft seersucker ear loops for comfortable to wear without pressure on the ears.

The super stylish and lovely patterns with alluring bright colors, your kids would love to wear those stunning CIAO kids disposable masks.

Our CIAO kids disposable masks come in 30 pieces/box, it available in 8 options for you to choose. Each toddler disposable face mask is individually wrapped to ensure sterility, you can put a few masks in your kid's shool bag or your car for spare.

  • Product Name: 3D Sanitary Mask for Children
  • Major Materials: Non-woven fabrics, electrostatic meltblown fabrics, spandex ear straps.
  • 4-Ply Filtration:It is made with 4 layers of filtration to protect your kids from bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, droplets, etc.
  • Adjustable Nose Bridge: There is a hidden adjustable nose bridge in a toddler disposable face mask, you can shape the mask to fit the face perfectly.
  • 8 Options: Badger Baby Royal Blue, Fun Paradise Blue, Fun Paradise Yellow, Fun Paradise Green, Happy Childhood Green, Colorful Geometry Pink, Colorful Geometry Light Pink, Colorful Geometry Blue.
  • Size:10 x 15 cm, fit to 1-3 years old kids.
  • Individually Wrapped: Each mask is individually wrapped, easy to carry, and clean to use.
  • Package: 30 pieces/box.
  • Technical Information: BFE ≥ 95%, PFE ≥ 95%, Respiratory Resistance ≤ 30 Pa.
  • Recommended Time (hours) Per Use: 4 Hours
  • Standard: GB/T 38880-2020

Use Instruction (wear instruction, warnings):

a. Children suffer from breathing difficulties are not suggested to wear masks, either following medical advice or wear other suitable breathing protection equipment.

b. Remove any mask packaging and other items not related to the mask readily when wearing the mask.

c. Children shall wear masks under adult supervision, which pays attention to and educates children on the proper way of wearing masks.

d. Children shall not horseplay or perform moderate and above intensity level exercises when wearing masks. Shall not disassembly any breathing valve. If experiencing any breathing discomfort, or skin allergy symptoms, shall remove the mask and seek medical attention.

e. Keep mask dry and avoid wetted during use, change as needed.

f. Not suggest to repeat using the mask by washing.

g. Not to exchange used masks with others.

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