Chubby Plushies Dinosaur Duck Elephant Pig Rabbit and Bear Plush Toys

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Toy Model
  • Dinosaur
  • Bear
  • Duck
  • Elephant
  • Pig
  • Rabbit
Toy Size
  • 30cm
  • 40cm
  • 22cm
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Chubby plushies are the cutest plush toys around!

They come in three different sizes, including a 22cm baby size, 30cm medium size, and 40cm large size!

These plush toys have fluffy fur and high-quality polyester fiberfill, making them super soft to cuddle with yet durable to play with.

Available in Dinosaur Duck Elephant Pig Rabbit and Bear plush toys that are perfect for any little child who loves to snuggle up with their favorite stuffed animal.

Whether you want to cuddle them or play with them, there's no denying these chubby plushies are totally adorable!

You'll be sure to have lots of fun with these endearing chubby plushies!

  • Material: High-quality plush material and soft polyester fiber fill.
  • Size: 22cm / 8.7 inches, 30cm/11.8 inches, 40cm/15.7 inches.
  • 6 Models: Dinosaur, Duck, Elephant, Pig, Rabbit, and Bear
  • Ages: Suitable for 2 years old and up.
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