Gothic Bunny Plush Cute Lolita Bunny Plush in 2 Colors

$23.90 No tax
Toy Model
  • Shawl 30cm
  • Shawl 40cm
  • Bow Tie 23cm
  • Pearl Crossbody Bag 23cm
Toy Color
  • Blue
  • Pink
In Stock

Hello, let's be friends!

I'm Lolita Bunny Plush or you can call me a gothic bunny plush, and I like to dress up in Lolita style and Gothic style.

Look at my pretty shawl and little satchel with pearl chain, also my lace bow. I'm Princess Lolita bunny with those adorable Lolita outfits.

My eyes and furs are blue when I'm dressed in a blue outfit, they will turn into pink when I'm dressed in a pink outfit.

Do you like me? A sweet and quiet Lolita bunny plush.

  • Material: Premium non-allergenic plush material stuffed with high-quality PP cotton.
  • Size: Available in 3 sizes, 23cm/9 inches, 30cm/12 inches, 40cm/16 inches.
  • Color: Blue and Pink.
  • Model: Lolita Bunny with Shawl, Lolita Bunny with Bot-knot, Lolita Bunny Crossbody Bag with Pearl Chain.
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