Custom Blythe Doll with Full Outfit 24 Combo Options, Matte Face and 19 Joints Body with Free Hands

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Neo blythe doll 1/6 30cm ball jointed doll with 19 joints body and full outfit in 24 combo options. Super cute and stylish custome blythe doll for you. Buy your dream neo blythe doll ball jointed dolls under $100!

  • Eyes:Each neo blythe doll has 4 different eyes. It's string controlled behind the head. Pull the string, you can change her eyes to random 4 different colors.
  • HairHigh-quality handmade fiber hair in different gorgeous colors.
  • Body:12 inches / 30 cm tall blythe doll with 19 joints body which can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Face:Matte face. Makeup applied already.
  • Ideal for:Ideal for gifts, holiday, photography, movie and animation studios, self-gifting, customizing, display and fairs.
  • Size:Head circumference-27cm, upper part of the body-7cm, leg-13cm, arm-8cm, shoulder-4cm, bust-11cm, waist-7.5cm, hip-11.5cm, foot length-2.3cm, foot width-1cm.
  • Package:Package contents including free gifts: 1 Blythe doll, 1 wig, one piece of clothing and accessories, one pair of shoes, 9 sets of replaceable hands as free gift, a packaging box (as shown on the photo). Well-packaged carefully for safety.

Choose from 24 different unique and stylish Neo Blythe Doll combos! Buy now!

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