Feier rag toys, Feier princess stuffed rag toys with nice dresses [Buds of Spring]

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Hi, I'm Magic Feier Princess from China. I live in a fairytale castle. My cheeks are lightly blushed and my hair is curled delicately. I love singing, dancing, and dressing myself beautifully.

Look, these are my new dresses: Buds of Spring Series Dresses. There are 4 kinds of colors, Orange Pink, Blue, Green and Pink. I like to wear these dresses in the Spring. Because the flower buds symbolize that a beautiful spring is coming!

Do you like me and my new buds dresses for Spring? If yes, take me home then! I can play with your child, be a great brithday gift, wedding gift or girlfirend's gift.

Let me tell you a secret. I also have a lot of other beautiful dresses in different seasons. I will show you on my next series dresses!


1. 20cm pricess Feier is a small pendant stuffed rag doll, you can hang it anywhere you want.

2. The Feier rag dolls bodies are made from 100% cotton, with recycled polyester wadding. They are suitable for age 0+ and conform to international safety standards.

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