High-rise escape life saving rope skyscraper life saving kit

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Availability date: 2019-05-02

High-rise escape kit for emergency evacuation from high-rises up 100M. Skyscraper life saving kit can be used to high-rise slow down escape, fire rescue emergency rescue, etc.

  • Package list: Steel wire rope, a safety belt, an 8 Shape ring descender, an O Shape steel buckle, a pair of gloves, a whistle.
  • The tension of steel wire is 1100kg, the tension of O Shape steel buckle is 2500kg, the tension of O Shape steel buckle is 4500kg.
  • Application: Can be used for floors which are lower than 100m from the ground.
  • Installation: Tie on something big enough to hold your weight, like big wardrobe, pillar.

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