Disposable face mask for kids 4-Ply 20 pcs cartoon face mask

Kids disposable face masks
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  • Breathable 3ply for boys
  • Breathable 3ply for girls
  • Protective 4ply for boys
  • Protective 4ply for girls
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Disposable face mask for kids 4-Ply for 4-12 years old, these cartoon face masks are kid-friendly, because they are printed with cute colorful patterns, and they are in child-size to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Package Includes: 20 pcs/Box
  • Standard: GB15979-2002
  • Dimension: 4.7 × 6.1 in / 12 × 15.5 cm (suitable for 4-12 years old kids)
  • Material: We use 2-Ply 71% high-quality SSS baby standard skin-friendly non-woven fabrics and 1-ply 29% melt-blown fabric to ensure it can effectively keep kids healthy and safe.

We provide disposable face masks for kids in two models: Protective 4-ply and Breathable 3-ply, check the description section below to know the differences of them.

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Breathable 3-ply model & Protective 4-ply model

Disposable face mask for kids 4-Ply

Breathable 3 layers

Breathable Model-3 layers breathable meshes on both sides, no nose bridge, these 3 layers kids disposable face masks are more breathable and comfortable.

Protective 4 layers

4-Ply face masks have a nose bridge that can be used to minimize the gap between the face mask and the nose, contain 3-ply non woven fabric, and 1-ply melt-blown fabric, so these 4-ply face masks are more fit with kids faces and can provide better protection.

Disposable face mask for kids 4-Ply

Instruction for Use
How to wear kid disposable face mask
1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before putting on a mask.
How to wear kid disposable face mask
2. Hold the face mask by the ear loops, split it apart, make sure printed patterns side out.
How to wear kid disposable face mask
3. Place a loop around each ear. Adjust the face mask to make it cover your nose, mouth, and chin perfectly.
How to wear kid disposable face mask
4. Remove a used face mask holding only the ear loops.
  • Do not use if allergic to non-woven fabrics.
  • Use with caution in kids with abnormal heart and lung functions.
  • If kids show symptoms such as skin allergies, inflamed red and swollen, difficulty breathing during the use a mask, stop using it immediately.
  • These kids face masks are not a substitute for kid surgical masks.
  • These kids face masks are not respirators.
  • These kids face masks are not washable, do not wash the mas with alcohol or water.
  • Discard face masks after use, don't reuse.
  • These kids face masks help protect against certain particulate contaminations but do not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection.
  • These kids face masks don't contain natural rubber latex.
  • These kids face masks and their packages are not toys.
  • For kids use only.

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