Toddler Face Masks(6 Packs), Convex Design Age 0 to 3 Baby Face Masks

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Face Mask Color
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  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • White
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Cute bear face mask for 0-3 yeas old babies and toddlers. The toddler face mask has 4 layers of baby-safe filtration that is protective and breathable.

  • Convex Design: The baby face masks are designed with a convex shape. It can leave plenty of space between the mouth and the mask, so your baby can breathe more easily. This design also can prevent babies from licking the mask.
  • 4-Ply Filtration: The toddler face masks are made of 4 layers of baby-grade high-efficiency filtration.

    1. Outer layer is a breathable non-woven fabric that is cute looking and can filter out dust, pollen, droplets, etc. large particles.

    2. Middle layers are 2 layers of low resistance melt-blown cloth, which are the core of protective toddler face masks. BFE ≥95% and PFE ≥95%.

    3. Inner layer is soft SSS non-woven fabric that is baby safe, skin-friendly and moisture-wicking.

  • Adjustable Earloop: Super soft and stretchy earloop, your baby can wear it for a day without pressure. Each earloop has an adjustable buckle for a snug fit.
  • Breathable: This 4-ply toddler face mask is made with low resistance fabric that is breathable and comfortable.
  • 4 Colors: Available in 4 colors: Yellow, White, Blue, and Pink.
  • Package:6 packs per box.
  • Standard: GB15979-2002 Hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products.
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