Cafe Mimi Duck Accessories, 35+ Stylish Clothes for Lalafanfan Cafe Mimi Duck Plush

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Fanfanchu Accessories
  • Pink Cardigan
  • Blue Cardigan
  • Christmas Tree Sweater
  • Flower White Sweater
  • Pink Sweater
  • Bear Pink Sweater
  • Yellow Sweater
  • Khaki Sweater
  • Grey Sweater
  • Denim Overalls
  • Denim Dress
  • Striped Sweater
  • White Christmas Tree Sweater
  • White Love Heart Sweater
  • Yellow Striped Sweater
  • White Striped Sweater
  • Red Love Sweater
  • Grey Overalls
  • Silver Thread Overalls
  • Brown Overalls
  • Khaki Overalls
  • Blue Knit Overalls
  • Pink Knit Overalls
  • Big Love Heart Sweater
  • Red Hooded Cardigan
  • Bear Cloak
  • Rabbit Sweater
  • Dog Sweater
  • Dark Gray Cardigan
  • Cupid's Arrow Sweater
  • I LOVE U Sweater
  • Frog Bib
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We provide super nice cafe mimi accessories including: You can use this code KITXYPMW to get 10% off if you buy five or more across them, enjoy shopping!

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If you loves to dress-up in different clothes for your cafe mimi duck. Then we've got you covered!

There are more that 30+ sweet and lovely clothes and pants for you to dress up your 30cm lalafanfan duck plush.

Customize your cafe mimi's wardrobe with super adorable and fashion clothes. Make your furry cafe mimi duck truly unique! 

NOTE: All the FanFanchu cafe mimi duck accessories are only for 30 cm/12 in size lalafanfan cafe mimi duck toys.

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